Friday, September 30

Breaking (bad) News!

Friendster made a HUGE goof--you can now see who's been looking at your profile. Of course, we've all been dying to know who's checked us out.

But! We didn't want the flip-side. No, I do not want every single one of my ex-boyfriends to know that I stalk them on a regular friendster basis.

So. The reaction so far? Well, one friend is trying to get Friendster's email so that she can tell them how they've ruined her life.

One coworker is gleefully checking out the ex-boyfriends who have checked her profile. She's also starting to name people who should have, but didn't, check her profile.

And another unnamed coworker spent five minutes shaking back and forth, and is now deleting herself.

Now, there is a way to view profiles anonymously. But too little, too late. What about all the people I looked at before I knew that I would be punished this way?

The only good thing about this is that it doesn't reveal how *many* times I've stalked (I mean...looked at) people.

EDITED TO ADD: I broke the news to *a lot* of people and someone just said cause of me they're going to need a fistful of SSRIs. Wow. Don't blame the messenger, folks!


ames said...

honestly this is worse than getting your tooth pulled w/o novicaine. and i really need sleep btw.

Toobsox said...

I got into work early this morning, feeling relaxed and poised for a productive day. I decided to check out Madeleine’s entertaining, often hilarious and in this case informative blog before I started in with work. As I began to read her entry, I was jolted into what I thought was a cardiopulmonary arrest! Imagine what Madeleine herself will think when she sees that I’ve surveyed her profile 14 times in 3 days? I was trying to find out who the "cool" new bands were, I swear!What about the 52 times I’ve perused my ex girlfriends “hot” best friends profile? Frightening!! So much for the relaxing weekend. I'm a nervous wreck now and I feel like I’ve been struck by lightening. But, fear not for the future fellow stalkers, there is an option that allows one to view anonymously. Browse with responsibility people!

madcat said...

I'm pretty sure this friendster debacle killed productivity at a lot of offices.

"Madeleine herself will think when she sees that I’ve surveyed her profile 14 times in 3 days?"

Nice stalking, toobsox, and don't worry, I would never judge a fellow stalker.