Monday, September 26

"Little Girls Can't Play Pool"

This is what the men will yell at you from their SUVs when you bike on 3rd Avenue in Park Slope at 2AM on a Saturday. It's a comment that would be strange at any time, but particuarly at 2AM when, to be honest, I expect the words yelled from cars to be rather more graphically sexual. But while this statement was bizarre, it was also true.

I am relatively little--fully 1/4 of an inch under 5"4. I am certainly a girl, and wore a fuzzy pink sweater as I biked on my pink girl's bike that day. And finally, I do not play pool, since I have a strict non-competition with siblings contract (and a brother that yearns to quit his day job and be a pool shark).

So, SUV dudes, you are correct: Little Girls Can't Play Pool. Or at least, this little girl cannot play pool.

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