Wednesday, September 28

Loose Lips

Last night I went to Bowery Ballroom to see Supergrass. [Full disclosure: Supergrass is one of many bands on my list of Music I Should Know But Do Not Because Actually, I'm Not That Cool. Other related bands that I do not know would be: Supertramp and Superchunk. ] The show was good, with an intimate feeling, despite being in a relatively large venue. It was an acoustic set, billed not as a concert, but rather as 'An evening with Supergrass.' So it was weird that I wound up standing next to a flailing hot girl who was clearly underage and her posse of boys that she kept calling biatches.

Anyway, I'm a patient person. (Hey, stop snickering!) So I was mostly entertained by the chick and her biatches. But some of the gang of biatches behind me kept screaming "Loose Lips" at the end of every song, at the beginning of every song, in the middle of every song...there was a lot of "Loose Lips" screaming going on.

So, you know, when my huge mass of patience ran out, I turned to the loudest dude in the gang of biatches, and said, "You know, they have a set list. So if 'Loose Lips' is on the setlist, they'll play it."

And the loud dude said, "It's just that we really like the song 'Loose Lips.'"

"Yeah," I said, "I got that impression."

Anyway. It was a relatively peaceful interaction -- he repeated the whole conversation to the biatches, but without anger. And maybe some beer was spilled on me, but I chose to think that was an accident, not retaliation.

But. Then. A great song was played. I, of course, did not know it (see full disclosure above), but still, I know a great song when I hear one. Hot girl + her gang of biatches rocked out like mad. I smiled and watched. And then one of the dudes leaned over and screamed in my ear, "Sorry we're here for the music and not the scene like you!"

He called me a scenester!

So, I know this is an insult. And I feel insulted and defensive and want to explain to loud screaming biatch that in fact, I'm like a puppy dog at rock shows; I'm not cool and blase at all.

And yet, I feel strangely complimented that someone thought I was knowledgeable enough about any kind of "scene" or "next cool thing" to be a scenester.

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