Thursday, September 22


Watch Kinky Friedman's campaign commercial here.

Link via the BookSlut. So slutty & so booky: much like me. (Kidding! Joke!)

If I lived in Texas I would vote Kinky, following along with his slogan of: Why the hell not?

The video is pretty genius: it makes the typical argument about the worthlessness of politicians with humor. And, of course, potentially offensive jokes about Jesus can't be offensive if they're animated, right? (Is this not what South Park taught us?)

EDITED TO ADD: This is the New Yorker article where I first found out that Kinky was running for governor. This article is long but also super-awesome:

No political observer in the state was giving Kinky Friedman any chance at all, and he was still saying things like '“If I win, the first thing I'll do is demand a recount,' and promising that, if elected the first Jewish governor of Texas, he would reduce the speed limit to 54.95. ... But, one after another, voters told him they thanked God that he had decided to do this, that they were sick of the way politics was being practiced.

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