Thursday, October 20

Books; Librarians; Sex

Someone asked me recently about, one of the great sites (along with that I used to go to all the time before so much of their content got placed behind a subscriber wall.

And this past tense feeling of both nerve and salon in my life--when they used to be goto sites--is why I still think that Times Select is a bad idea. Smart thoughts and writing that aren't easily accessable and aren't easily linkable are increasingly irrelevant in the world now.

Anyway -- I guess only time will tell with Times Select. Here's a little snippet of an article from nerve that is not behind any kind of subscription wall: it's about Sanford Berman, a librarian who urged the Library of Congress to remove certain subject offensive subject headings and cross references (like fellatio being cross-referenced under sexual deviancy).

Words and categories are important ways for us (readers of mad.'s blog ? americans? people?) to assert our values. See also my feelings re: usage of the word gay.

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ames said...

i am the "someone" who recently asked madeleine about nerve. but it was bc i made fun of someone for joining it, turns out. . .i didnt know what i was talking abt! and madcat educated me. not only is madeleine a fun girl, she is also an 'in the know' girl!