Monday, October 10

Coors: not punk rock at all

The Dead Kennedys canceled a show because it would've been sponsered by Coors.

You may remember that Coors employed Mary Cheney to make their brand gay-friendly after they got known as a homosexual-hating company. Check out this article for background on their unfriendly ways to the gay community.

I'm a sucker for earnestness -- and for the punk/political connection. Coors really is not punk rock at all--and conservative companies like Coors, and Dominos and Blockbuster piss me off. Companies donating money to causes that offend me is like being charged to use a credit card, only worse.

Also, Coors is a damn shitty beer. And when I call beer shitty--in between gulps of Bud--it's really bad.


xxx said...

That is the silliest thing I have heard today.

The Dead Kennedys are performing without Jello Biafra. They didn't like all the financial opportunities that Jello was keeping the band from in order to keep their punk rock credibilty so they sued him, won, reunited and re-released their entire catalog and new opportunistic live albums without Jello's permission.

They are also touring with a ringer singer against his wishes. It is pretty great that they won't put their fake band in front of a really large audience in a corporate venue because of a beer sponsor. There is probably another reason they pulled form this show and the Coors nonsense is a smokescreen.

That bill is pretty insipid anyway. You have the Germs without Darby Crash (killed himself on the same day John Lennon was shot so due to bad timing never became a legend). Filling in on vocals is actor Shane West who is playing Darby in a major hollywood bio-pic. You also get to see Marky Ramone is playing Ramones songs with 3/4'ths of his band dead.

Suicidal Tendencies haven't been punk for 20 years. I think after touring with Megadeth and Queensryche separately it kills some of that street cred.

The only thing awesome is the DK's replacement, Fear. They are also big supporters of beer, and even have a tune called "Have a beer with Fear"

There is nothing punk rock about this show to begin with. Its reunion fever like every other music genre has been subject to lately. It is opportunistic and for financial gain. The DK's are supposed to play Irving Plaza, a corporate venue, while Jellow is doing his own show with the Melvins later this month at Webster Hall, which is slightly less corporate. At least Webster Hall uses alternative Ticketweb while DK are playing a Ticketmaster venue.

Then again. I never really understood what it meant to be a punk.

madcat said...

hey xxx, you're totally killing my idealism.

and also making me wonder: when is the VH1 behind the music for the DKs? cause apparently there's lots of fun facts I need to be caught up on.

I really like to think about people/bands/the world protesting companies that give money to really divisive issues. I'm happy w/ a company that give money to prochoice organizations and progay organizations, but to be honest, I think the best place for companies to give money is to things like: literacy, poverty, hunger aide. Cause we can all agree that it's bad to not be able to read, or be poor & hungry.

Buying beer should not be a moral decision.

oh! and who are the germs? and is the song 'have a beer with fear' as awesome as it's title?