Friday, October 7

Go Team Madeleine-Go!

In case you didn't know, there is in fact a Team Madeleine. You can join; membership is pretty open.

Team Madeleine convenes mostly in times of trouble. It may be that I've accused my parents of not being on my team in the middle of arguments. I'm like George Bush sometimes: you're either for me or against me. Umm, I just compared myself to George Bush. That's kind of alarming. Let's just move along.

Last night I went to see a show at Mercury Lounge. The show was good, even though smack in the middle, Julian told us "I'm not really feeling this show. Can we just admit this show is not really going well?"

I paid 12 bucks, so after that kind of self-reflection from the singer, I felt entitled to heckle my way through the show. Heckling's fun, so I had a great time, and to be honest, it was easy to heckle when Julian put a roofie joke on the table.

The best part of the show did not really involve Julian or the music at all. The highlight of the evening was definitely the incompetent cocktail waitress. She traveled sans tray, carrying two cups at a time back to the thirsty hordes. It was like her own bizarre Sisyphean task, because on each trip, she got about five additional drink orders.

On one trip, she and a man bumped into each other. It was crowded; the beverages were full; some beer was spilled. No one was really happy about this, but the stare the waitress gave to the bumping man was frightening. It was so scary that I had to tell the guy, "My god! It's a wonder you're still alive. That was the scariest look of death and hatred in her eyes EVER."

And then the man said, "Yeah, I know! Terrifying! Hey, thanks for being on my side-you can be on my team anytime.*"

In all seriousness, as a glasses-wearing, uncoordinated, physically-challenged person, opportunities to join teams have been rare in my life. So an open invite to be on a team...this is a GREAT and HISTORIC moment of my life.

*italics mine, cause I don't really believe that people ever talk in italics.

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