Thursday, October 6

Pretty Shiny Things Make Life Better

Yesterday I had the most boring yet satisfying adventure yet. How boring? Well, I was at the Gap. How satisfying? Well, I am wearing a blazer that looks quite similar to this one right now. (Hmm, the internet kinda let me down and I can't seem to find the exact jacket I actually bought.)

I also almost bought a
winter coat from KidsGap--it fit, but it kinda made me look like a snowball.

What's the point of this story? There might not be one. Or maybe the point is: some people believe in therapy, some people believe in prozac, but I believe in spending my imaginary money.

I'm going to add that I think the boringness of my life might correspond to the reintroduction of television into my life. I'll tell you all about that later: it involves a coaxial cable, a boy, and a dazzled roommate.

The end result of the reintroduction might have been Madeleine on the couch having quality time with the WB. And as I fell asleep--TV blaring--I wondered for a second if having TV back in my life was really a good thing. But then Seinfeld came on...and it was the Pony episode, which is so quality, and really, there's nothing so bad about TV. Right?

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