Saturday, October 15

this song is by Oneida

Last Labor Day weekend, when I somehow forgot that three day weekends are a time to flee nyc, I rode my bike out to Williamsburg to see Oneida with xxx.

xxx had told me about the show on Friday, but hadn't given me many details. I was confused when I got to the street where the show was--it was under the Williamsburg Bridge and pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was pretty convinced for a solid five minutes that I'd been bamboozled -- there was no show, there was no venue, there was no xxx.

There were no stores on the block, and really only warehouse buildings. I don't know how the show was organized, and I'm kinda convinced it must have been illegal. Cause, can you do that? Just decide to have a show in a parking lot under the bridge and sell $3 red stripe? Apparently, if you stay for Labor Day weekend in ny, anything goes.

Anyway, seeing Oneida was great. By far, the best part was that they introduced every one of their songs by saying, "Here's another tune by Oneida," as if Oneida was some entirely unrelated and separate band.
The Voice writes about them having technical difficulties at the parking lot show, but I don't remember any.

link via Largehearted boy, and thanks!

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xxx said...

Yah, remember the PA cut out and they did like a 10 minute jam while they brought power back. I had mentioned at that moment, since the Ex-Models had also forsaken traditional songs that this was a very weird show. It was bands I knew to play songs just doing experimental jams. But then the power was restored and all was rockin'.

That was a fun day.