Monday, October 17

Top 2 Reasons Madeleine is Cranky

1. Someone stole my blinky reflector light from the back of my bicycle.

So, I understand stealing. I want stuff all the time, but I don't really enjoy paying. And I get why people would want to steal a bike--after all, I love bikes, and again, paying for my bike wasn't really fun.

But the reflector light? First of all, it was 12 bucks. Second, that's my safety! That's like breaking into a car and stealing the seat belt! It's just kind viscous and I don't like it at all.

2. Amongst other pieces of mail (read: bills) that I opened last night was a bill for a doctor visit in July 2004. Wait, did you read that fast? Maybe you didn't see how it was a bill from JULY--and not July of this year, but JULY OF LAST YEAR.

In July of 2004, I was only just barely 23. Now I am 24-and-a-half! And I do not remember seeing this Dr. Luis, and I do not want to give him or an insurance company money. I don't even remember being sick--who gets sick in July? If I hide really well, do you think the bill collectors won't see me?

Thank you for listening to my crankiness.

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