Thursday, October 6

Wear Sunscreen

Kurt Vonnegut is definitely a boy author. I've read lots of his stuff and enjoyed it, and don't mean that previous sentence to be any kind of an insult. Unlike Jon Stewart (aka my hubby), I would not say: 'As an adolescent, [Vonnegut]made my life bearable.'

Working in bookstores, Vonnegut was a go-to when mothers came in asking what their teenage son would like to read. [I also liked to recommend the Perks of Being a Wallflower, but that is a friend's pick that I stole.]

I'm not often a USA Today reader, mostly cause I like to read actual articles and not McNews Nuggets, but this interview of Vonnegut is really well-done. Not that he wasn't always there, but Vonnegut's gotten to the age where you really get the freedom to be as blunt as you want to be. So he gets to say things like "Our President is a twit" and yet still be an inspiring optimist.

Vonnegut is probably one of the only people that can utter the advice to "please notice when you are happy" without making me cringe. From Vonnegut, I'll take the advice and note it down.

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