Sunday, October 23

who'd want photographic evidence of 13?

The Sunday Style section writes about Bar Mitzvah Disco , a book of bar mitzvah photos from the 70s and 80s that will be coming out in early November. The Times notes:

Of course at a basic level the construction of a grandiose stage for a four-foot boy in orthodontic headgear is the stuff of comedy.

Note that Madeleine was spared a Bat Mitzvah due to being raised a godless heathen. And because of not living in the suburbs: the article really highlights the connections between celebrating man/woman-hood of kids and conspicuous consumption.

I have a shiny nickel for anyone willing to email me ( a bar/bat mitzvah photo for me to display to my small corner of the internet.

link it:

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ames said...

at the time of my bat miztvah i was indeed nerdalicious, but sadly no digital pics of the momentous event. but i do like shiny nickels.