Monday, October 24

words we wish we had

An article about words and expressions in other languages that are great. And then a follow-up article with even more examples of awesomeness from other languages. Oh, I really wish I spoke German. And could go to Germany. And then I could just use talk about my Kummerspeck after every breakup-kummerspeck, of course, being the " German word which literally means grief bacon: it is the word that describes the excess weight gained from emotion-related overeating."

Also, if we were in Germany and speaking German we could talk about the day after tomorrow with so much more ease.

Finally, in a wrap up of the word-talk, my mother used to tell me all the time not to hock me a chinik. Um, apparently, I was spelling her insult wrong in my head for all these years. According to Born to Kvetch, that should be spelled:
Hak mir nisht ken tshaynik. Spelled either way, it's a great insult, as all insults in Yiddish are: if you get to spit while you're speaking, you're using the premiere language for insults.


ames said...

"The Japanese have bakku-shan - a girl who appears pretty from behind but not from the front"

two words people: butter face.

madcat said...

dude. i've never heard of butter face. but that is MEAN.