Saturday, October 15

Yee Haw: Day 2

I guess, actually, today is day 3 of the Austin Adventure. Last night was a big drunken ball of fun and mess. Photos TK, but basically, everyone was drunk. Your mom was drunk, your brother showed up hammered; we were all there, and we were all drinking.

There's nothing like a night of drinking being followed by a day of conferencing. Especially a day of conferencing that begins at 8:30. I showed up at 8:15 (cause I'm a dork; cause I 'm the organizer; cause I'm a youngest child and want everyone to love me the most) but three other coworkers beat me.

I like to claim that I do not get hangovers. What can I say? Sometimes I lie. I woke up this AM feeling decidedly uncomfortable...but don't feel too bad for me. The hangover was cured by a soak in the hot tub. Fun fact though -- before sunrise, even Austin is kind of chilly.

Also: I don't know who beat me up last night, but it's not funny at all how much my leg hurts right now.

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