Friday, October 14

Yee Haw!

I'm in Austin, Texas, so the blogging is a bit difficult. My internet access is coming from Schlotsky's Deli, perhaps the ONLY Jewish place in all of Texas? As my parents would say, "We hear that Austin is different from the rest of Texas." And by different, I think they mean civilized. Or liberal. Or closer to New York City.

Traveling yesterday was interesting. I was insanely early for my flight because I'm neurotic like that. My flight took place in two parts -- the first was on the Smallest Plane I've Ever Been On, and was to Detroit. I'd thought sitting in row eight was a good thing, since it would have to be in the front of the plane. In fact, that was the second to last row of the plane, and as we approached Detroit, the flight attendant warned us that if we hadn't flown on a tiny plane the landing gear was going to make a large cracking noise, and not be concerned. Umm, the large cracking noise was scary, but less scary than the fact that it felt like the landing gear was descending from below my seat!

We landed safely (duh! I'm writing now!) and the Detroit airport was uneventful.

The next flight to Austin was a normal huge plane. Also on the flight was a menagerie of puppies, babies, small brats, large brats, overwhelmed parents, and the baffled elderly.

A middle-aged gentleman sitting across the aisle from me got out his cell phone mid-flight and kept opening it up and almost turning it on. There was yearning on his face, the kind you don't usually see in the middle-aged. I tend to believe that he was engaged in an affair, and was finding it hard to wait until the landing to know if there was going to be a voicemail from his lover. Yeah, it was a LONG flight.

The other best part was the stewardess who with a complete lack of humor kept screaming out "Nuts for a dollar" and "Would anyone like my nuts? they're only a dollar." I am easily amused like a 10 year old boy.

And finally, for all my readers (ha! all! the 3 of you!) in rainy NYC: last night I spend a lot of time lazing in the hot tub on the roof. Yes. Be jealous. Tonight will be the drinking paid for by my job. (Free drinking = the best kind).


xxx said...

3 of us? Madeleine, according to today's stats you have had 6 unique visitors. Don't sell yourself short!

ames said...

there are 6 unique visitors? that's me, you (xxx) and who else? domestic partner, i feel threatened.

madcat said...

wow. 6 uniques for my 'lil beta blog :)... ames, never fear, you will ALWAYS be my domestic partner.