Sunday, November 27

Bike NYC: A list of things stolen from the pink bicycle

1. Attempted bike theft/prank: July 2005, LES

Someone lifted the bike over the meter it was chained to, and walked it about 3 yards before they got sick of carrying the bike, which couldn't be rolled since I'd chained the wheel to the frame. Cost: 30 bucks for a new & better lock.

2. Blinky reflector light: October, 2005, LES

Come on! It's like breaking into a car and stealing the change for the tolls! Cost: 12 bucks for the original light, $12 for the replacement: $24 together.

3. Bike Seat: October, 2005, Chelsea

I should probably note here that although my bikeseat was stolen, a very nice man who also had his bike locked up had a spare seat and gave it to me. Cost: $5 to install the free and lovely bike seat. Gift from stranger: free!

4. Handlebar plastic shield thingy: November, 2005.

Not sure. Do I really need to replace this right away? We'll see how it goes with only one handlebar condom.

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