Tuesday, November 8

I live in a strange place

That's no insult, because really, I love where I live. There is non-stop drinking, unlimited people in converse sneakers, and pretty much always some crappy (or not so crappy) band playing nearby.

Also, I live above a porn shop and in between 2 bars. So the essential things of life are
really always near.

But sometimes the fun in my neighborhood goes too far. Too far? What's too far?

Well, last night I came home to find my bike knocked over on its side. That's not unusual. The kids (and by kids, I mean the drunk people who are drinking) like to knock over my bike. It's pink --so I see where they're coming from when they kick it over and try to steal it.

But this time apparently, they wanted to have sex on top of it. Sounds strange, huh. But! I have evidence. See that photo over there to the left that I cannot center because I am too lazy to leave my WYSIWYG editor -------------------->

Please note the condom sitting below the spikes of my bike. If you're wondering, it's a lifestyles condom. There may also be a cigarette butt next to the condom. Classy.

And that, my friends, is how they party on the Lower East Side. On top of bikes. With condoms. Well, at least they're being safe. My mother would be happy about that at least.


Anonymous said...

i like your pink bike


Anonymous said...

i like your pink bicycle

ames said...

yeah that's how we kick it down in the LES!