Wednesday, November 9

Meta Madeleine

I am meta. Here are some administrative annoucements:

1. Much like Madeleine, my blog hates IE. Oops. Sorry IE users: the blog is broken.

2. Yes! I know that there is some kinda text-wrapping extending text beyond margins issues.

3. Yes! I know that the colors are hideous and that the header font is not so nice either.

All these problems will be resolved shortly. And when I say shortly, I mean by the time I am 26. That's right, I'm going to give myself over a year to fix this problem.

Here's the thing. At one point, the little blurb info about the blog said something along the "welcome to my blog and come on it." But did anyone let me know about this obscene invitation/typo? No! So, I do not feel overly guilty about the crappy appearance of the blog. *

*that's a lie. I feel extremely guilty. Don't you know me at all?

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