Friday, November 4

No one on the internets* understands this story

All sorts of people are confused by Harlequin creating a series that is cobranded with Nascar. They claim to have all sorts of marketing stats about women loving the Nascar. Personally, I haven't met any race-car-lovin'-ladies, but they must be out there. I bet they're in the mid-West.

And THAT is why I'm so entranced by the mid-West: everything I cannot understand exists there.

Also, I want to work in marketing. It seems like the kind of field where imagination really counts.

Link via the smart bitches! and thanks

(and also Maud and bookslut, but I can't seem to find their posts now. Lazy. I am very lazy.)

*internets -- tm, Jennie Smash!

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Anonymous said...

Women do like Nascar, or as I call it, Boring, and it is bizarre. But its not just limited to the Midwest--you can find white trash everywhere!