Monday, November 14

A Small Success Story

I spent my weekend in Boston hanging out with the girls. It was lovely (and maybe slightly scary for the boyfriends).

Getting ready for Friday night dinner/alcoholism with Jane from Ohio, we listened to her "Happy Mix" which is comprised of a lot of slow & sad songs and is clearly mis-titled.

The first song on the mix was really awesome, and so I snuck over to her pod to check what it was. I was pretty shocked that it was a They Might be Giants' song. I thought I knew all things TMBG (it was my first concert, and my password on all unimportant things for 2/3 of my life!).

Back in New York, I made the boy play it for me 4 times in a row. I think he got a bit sick of it, cause there was a rather abrupt transition to metal after that 4th listen.

Today it was still stuck in my head, and not in anyone's iTunes at work. Slackers!

But here! I found it! Cause more than anything, I exemplify the stubborn ways of the Taurus!
Get your free download of Another First Kiss here!

Note: here are some lists of good resources for the free music on the internets:
Lifehacker's list and then also Largehearted Boy's A2Z list of music on the web.

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