Monday, November 7

Welcome to the Working Week

Random stuff to get through Monday:

A super-great Out of 5 mix this week, as OO5 continues to redeam all my Monday mornings. The super-greatness of this week is a result of the mix having Because the Night. [note for friends at work: website plays when you enter it.]

At the NYT a random but great study of British book-buying habits. The Brits, it turns out, fake reading to impress people. In my mind, this strategy is clearly to impress the opposite sex. So, the Americans fake-tan to impress and the Brits fake-read. Awesome.

Also, I am loving my new ta-da list! For someone who had "listmaking" as a friendster interest for so long, it's kind of shocking that I resisted the technology upgrade of my lists for so long.

And speaking of Friendster (you love the SMOOOOTH transition there!), one of my friendsters has updated his "about me" section to discuss his new dating siesta! The term is spreading and I think it might time for "Dating Siesta" to enter the world in a larger way. And when I say "a larger way" I might mean a wikipedia entry.

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KwanzBlog said...

You definitely gotta do the Wikipedia thing.