Thursday, December 29

And now, in weird news...

The Washington Post* has a roundup of weird news from the year 2005 that you may have missed while you were drinking, or setting up your google news alert for face transplants, or you know, whatever.

This little bit might be my favorite:
THE LAWS OF IRONY ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED When CNN/USA Today/Gallup pollsters asked in a telephone survey whether President Bush is a "uniter" or a "divider," 49 percent said a uniter and 49 percent said a divider.

--CNN, Jan. 19

The other entries are also great, or even more great if we don't share a sense of humor.

And over in Flushing, the former home of my grandma, thieves are stealing car doors from Toyotas. Easily removable doors: great for car-repair-people, even more great for thieves.

*WaPo requires a password. Try bugmenot.

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