Monday, December 5

If I link to Nerve in a post that also is about Santa, is that creepy?

Forbes created a list of the 15 richest fictional characters. I like that Forbes takes the time discussing their methodology in creating this list, but then also admit that it is clearly arbitrary that Santa is on the list! Santa is not rich. (Um, I know Santa's not rich because I know he's my parents, who used to tiptoe down our creaky stairs in the middle of the night carrying extra gifts with labels that read, "To madeleine xoxo Santa" in my mom's distinctive handwriting.)


Aimee Bender has a short story in nerve. Here's my favorite part of the story:
I have recently broken up with someone who I did not expect to break up with, and every morning, the earliest time I wake up is suffused with remembering. I can't seem to beat that moment, no matter how early I rise.

it is brutal to imagine the idea of meeting a new person. Going through the same routine. Saying the same phrases I have now said many times: the big statements, the grand revelations about my childhood and character. The cautious revealing of insecurities. I have said them already, and they sit now in the minds of those people who are out living lives I have no access to anymore.


Uh-oh: potential ethical problems with the face transplant.

If you saw me this weekend (or, if you date me) you may be thoroughly sick of this story. But it's so damn fascinating. I'm always entranced by a news story that reads like fiction, where characters have personality. You should have seen with the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, the Unabomber, and Clinton and Monica.

At first, this story seemed to fit most neatly into the scifi genre. It reminded me of Vanilla Sky, a Twilight Zone episode, Dark Passage (when Bogart has face surgery).

I'm so intrigued by the 2 women--both relatively young, and apparently both suicidal. It's such psychological drama, and I keep wanting to call the women characters instead of people. The whole idea of having someone else's face--how bizarre it must be for the family of the woman who has a new face. Is it any more difficult than looking at her damaged and destroyed original face?

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xxx said...

I'm at least happy that the labrador probably mauled her in an attempt to revive her. The idea that a labrador would attack someone, ESPECIALLY one of her owners, was upsettting me.