Friday, December 16

In Aid of the Prevention of Tooth Pain

I have purchased two (2) portions of the Best Toothpaste Ever. Previously available in NY for the low, low price of $1.99, apparently the low price was because no one liked the Aquafresh with PUMP but me. But why wouldn't you like it?

It's the same great toothpaste, but with a pump! and when I say pump, I should really be writing "Marriage Saver." You'll note that the review on the page reveals that this toothpaste helps our gentlemen reviewer deal with his wife's unpleasant squeezing-from-the-middle-of-the-toob habit.

So, that's right, I spend $6 on toothpaste, and $6 on shipping and handling. And it was worth it. Well, maybe not quite worth it. But if I were married and this held off divorce and couples therapy, you would totally think it was worth it.

Also, it turns out that when you are blogging about toothpaste, you don't get to make fun of the person that wrote an amazon review of the very same toothpaste.

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