Sunday, December 11

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To me, it might be the height of lazy loserness to out-source the boring parts of your video game to other people.

Mallomars: to some just a cookie, to others the Greatest Cookie Ever
. Now, of course, in the cookie wars, I've always got to have my loyalties to the madeleine. Aside from the madeleine, the mallomar is one of my favorite cookies ever. I love that it's seasonal. Love that it's so fabulous -- with the chocolate, the goo, and the crunch. It's perfection. As a mallomar purist, I was sad when the design of the box changed. I'd liked the ritual of carefully cutting the plastic surrounding the outside of the box. I disagree completely with the people in the article that want mallomars to be available year-round. It's all part-and-parcel of the cookie's charm that it's only available for a few seasons of the year. I also like that tri-state is eating the bulk of the cookies produced (and do not think the Canadian version is even close to being as good).

Strikes excite me. Slowdowns do not -- but I do hope that everything works out in negotiations.
There's only been one strike from the transit workers in my lifetime--and I was two, so I wasn't exactly riding the trains much. Remember the last time there was almost a strike, when Bloomberg bought that twerpy kid a bicycle and said we should all bike to work? Man, he's a winner.

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