Thursday, December 1

Links!, or other people have smart thoughts.

An explanation for why you wake up 5 minutes before your alarm clock -- from Psychology Today

If you love Brooklyn & Christmas, like me, you'll go out to see the lights in Bensonhurst.

The Toastabag
; or, the greatest new use for the toaster for people who don't cook like me (thanks to Jeff for the link).

If I can't have a puppy for Christmas, then I guess the next best addition to the apartment would be a Bandai to clean & swiffer. (thanks for the link, anonymouse--I assume you're not implying that my apt's dirty, right?)

Authors Tom Wolfe, Jonathan Franzen, and (madeleine-fave) Michael Chabon will be starring on an episode of the Simpsons. Also Gore Vidal, who doesn't watch the show. All the authors will have a cartoon death except for Vidal.

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