Monday, January 30

The Chairman

I've been reading Mao: The Unknown Story on the train since over the weekend. It's around 800 pages (more including the footnotes & appendix, which I do not plan to read), so expect me to be reading this book for quite awhile.

Funny things happen when you're reading about the Chairman on the trains of New York City. On the F train to the p-slope today, a Chinese man was visibly reading over my shoulder and looking at the cover. I shoved it under his face, and said, "it's the new biography of Mao! It's really great." When he pointed at the cover and said, "Mao Tse-Tong," I realized he might not really speak English. Also, I realized, he might think I was a communist.

Just to clarify: I would like to know more about Mao; I do not support him. And, contrary to what some truly lovely gentlemen said at the bar tonight, I am not a communist.

some stuff on Mao: the Unknown Story at wikipidia.


Ben said...

i haven't read it (the law books and stuff don't really leave a lot of time for 800 pages of mao), but i hear its pretty fascinating. that dude was one crazy bastard.

madcat said...

i miss going to school in a pretty fierce way, but the best thing about the 9-5 life is not feeling guilty about reading for pleasure.