Wednesday, January 11

In Which Madeleine Has a Conversation That Sounds an Awful Lot Like Her Interior Monologue

Today I went to my dentist, Dr. T., to get my teeth cleaned--I have a nasty winter cold, and it's raining out. So, actually, I figured that the dentist would actually be nice. Then this happened:

Dr. T.: So did you have good holidays?

Mad.: For sure, and a great new year.

Dr. T.: And when are you getting married?

Mad.: Married? Dr. T., I'm *only* 24!!!

Dr. T.: Well, you know Madeleine, in some Persian communities you'd be considered an old-maid. A real over-the-hill spinster.


Dr. T.: Does your mother nag you like this too?

Mad.: No, she's pretty chill. And, you know, I have older siblings: they're in charge of getting nagged.

The conversation paused, but it was not over yet. Later, while we had the mandatory lecture about how teeth get worse as you get older, and how I needed to brush & floss better, the good dentist came out with this one:

Dr. T.: See! This is why you need to get married before you're all broken down.

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