Wednesday, January 11

Starving My Cold: Not Going Well

Apparently starving my cold is not the name of the game today. Here are MANY links, all food-related.

The New Yorker uses William Leith's new book, The Hungry Years, to launch a discussion of obesity, the Atkins diets, changing views of fat & skinny, and the way we eat now (in America, mostly). Here's a money 'graph for you:
Having told us that our attitudes toward obesity are irrational, Oliver thinks we should just give them up and move on. But that'’s like fat William Leith telling the girlfriend who doesn't want to have sex with him anymore that she'’s being irrational. Maybe it should work, but it never does. The soft” cultural, social, and moral facts of the matter about obesity turn out to be harder to shift than beliefs about the relevant scientific facts. Fat was once considered a sign of substance and now it isn't. It was once thought sexy and now it'’s the opposite.

And WaPo has an article on eating lunch at your desk. Taking an hour-long lunch without an errand seems downright immoral to me at this point.

The NYT has an article on the drunkest citizens of the world: the Brits. When I was living in Ireland, Dublin, where I stayed, was a popular destination for 'hen parties' (bachelorette parties in the states). I have never seen puking like I did from those bachelorettes, not even during freshman year frat parties.

And, just to complete the theme, here's a list of the top cooking books of 2005.


Jennie Smash said...

I was so sure that you were going to post a picture of me under "drunkest citizens of the world." What a relief.

madcat said...

I could see how you'd be concerned...but no, you'd have to vomit on/near me at *least* once in order to get that prize....