Wednesday, February 22

How Boring and Lazy am I?

Here's how boring I am: I blogged about laundry.

And here's how lazy I am: I didn't even drop it off!

Times are tough, my friends, tough indeed. Confirmation is rife that February is indeed the worst month (except of course for Dana and my mom's birthdays).

Look forward to better posts next week, with potential titles like: Moist is the Worst Word in English; Madeleine is 100% Sentimental Free; and How to Survive a Dating Siesta (hint: a siesta doesn't involve celibacy).

In fact, if anyone is feeling industrious and leaves a comment, I'll write the post. And how NOT LAZY at all is that!!


xxx said...

I'm personally curious about why "moist is the worst word in English" myself.

Caryn said...

I don't happen to think moist is completely terrible, but I do know lots of people who this it is too! Do post about it! What's up with that?

Caryn said...

this it is too = THINK it is too. my typing sux.