Tuesday, February 28

I Don't Date You, So You Don't Get to Call Me Bipolar

The other night at the Continental, a dude told me that I looked just like his former roommate.

"Oh, that's nice," I said. It's always hard to respond to that kind of comment, because, to be honest, I don't really care.

"No, really -- you totally look just like her! She was crazy -- bipolar, and stopped taking her meds. She didn't tell me that until I'd moved in." This last part was said a little bitterly. NY real estate is hard. If I had mental issues and was off my meds, I wouldn't tell perspective roomies either.

"So we totally stopped talking cause she was so CRAZY, and then she stole two of my dustpans--TWO--so I moved out."

For future reference: if you're going to compare me to bipolar people, can they please be interesting bipolar people? You know, the kind that stay up until all night painting great works of art. Dustpan-stealing bipolar roommates are a bit mundane, as the crazy spectrum goes.

I once had an involvement with a guy that thought New Year's Eve, 6AM, drunk at a bar was a good place and time to tell me I was bipolar. I responded my putting my head down on the bar and crying, which I guess didn't help much with my "I'm-not-bipolar" argument. It seemed like the best response at the time. So hey, continental dude: only people I'm dating get to call me bipolar, or compare me to the bipolar people of the world. Stop it, or I'll steal your replacement dustpan.


Caryn said...

Heh! When I see someone who looks like someone else I know, sometimes its hard to stop myself from saying something ... but yeah, how are you supposed to respond to that? I will think about that the next time my mouth tries to run away from me.

I didn't tell my prospective roommates that there had been a bedbug infestation here. I needed a roommate!

madcat said...

heh, I wondered if you revealed about the bedbugs. In the case of bedbugs and bipolars, not sharing is probably the best policy.

xxx said...

Is there a manual for this? I wonder what other opportunities I'm entitled to but squandering.

Drunken Mouse said...

What a dick!

Jennie Smash said...

I hate this man and will not rest until I've KEEELED him.