Friday, February 10

Meta Madeleine II

Myself and my ego would like to inform you that the thingy that tracks visitors on my site is broken. Why? How? I don't know -- I'm not that geeky. But I do know that I've had more than zero (0) visitors in the past few weeks.

When I told the boy about the tracker being broken, he asked if this was like thinking my phone was broken because no one had called. No! It's not like that AT ALL. Also, I've never thought my phone was broken 'cause of lack of calls. Anyway, I've been going to the site, even if you haven't, so I know that I've had more than zero (0) visitors this past week.

That's all she wrote -- have a lovely weekend.

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1 comment:

Seth said...

My humor goes completely unappreciated sometimes. Here, have an emoticon :-)

It looks like you are all fixed. I can even view detailed stats.