Tuesday, February 7

My New Favorite Band

Ladies and gents, I have a new favorite band: Someone still loves you Boris Yelsin. I have been listening to them nonstop. They had me at their name, but I realized that nearly every song featured a tambourine, and better, that the songs without tambourine had clapping hands and "yeah yeah yeahs." Well. Now you know how to win my love. They're playing Friday at the Knitting Factory; Saturday at Southpaw.
In other news of blogging = the new corporate trend, McDonald's has a blog. The blogger, Bob, is in the director in charge of social responsibility. I'm sorry, make that Senior Director. Bog doesn't like corpspeak, but it's a hard habit to break. Once you've experienced the magic of everything "dovetailing" together as you "ramp up" for the "going forward" mission...well, it's hard to go back.

Good luck losing the corpspeak Bob! [news of the McD's blog via Naked Conversations]
The world is a scary place, and I want my privacy back
. (uh, yeah, I know, I've been meaning to blog this since 1/30 -- there's been a lot of working and drinking getting in the way of the lil'

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