Monday, March 13


In under a month I will be in beautiful rainy Seattle. (Hooray for a rainy vacation!) Somebody who is Madeleine's brother might think that my obscession with Seattle dates back to Doug moving there. Said brother is incorrect--I am not chasing after Doug.

I am half-convinced, however, that I'll fly cross-country and it will wind up being the '90s and I'll be able to see Nirvana play. This may be a problem.


ames said...

you are going to seattle? you didnt consult the domestic partner!!!

madcat said...

Domestic Partner Ames!

I'm gonna go to Seattle. It's gonna be nirvana! But I'm not gonna see Nirvana.

Is that OK? I do not want a divorce.


your domestic partner

ames said...

okay have fun!!!!

your domestic partner