Thursday, March 9

You Know What Tastes Bad?


Cement does not taste good. Surprised?

So what happened is, I got curious and licked the sidewalk. Just kidding. No sidewalk licking, but the insertion of the permanent crown. It's gold (yup, I have gold in my mouth), but covered in porcelain. (I'm a little disappointed about the porcelain; I was looking forward to getting drunk and showing people the gold tooth.)

So the thing is, to get the sucker to stay in your mouth permanently, they use permanent cement. Which is how I know: Cement? Not tasty.

Here's what happened: the 'ol tooth got covered in wet gloppy cement, and the new crown got plopped on top.

"Stay still," said the dentist, "and don't move."

So I stayed still, thinking about how the wet gloppy cement was kind of dripping down my throat. And, you know, maybe it would get stuck and dry. I am a creative worrier.

Never fear. Cement is not in my throat and all is well. And, not that I'd needed to learn, but now I know that cement tastes like bitter sidewalk.

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me said...

I happened upon your blog randomly. Love your style and writing. You have a gift. Please continue to put it to good use.