Wednesday, April 19

My Carbon Monoxide Meter Went Off In The Middle of the Night

Well, it went off at 6AM, which I suppose for some people is first-cup-of-coffee-o'clock. The thing about carbon monoxide is that they call it a silent killer, and so once the alarm goes off, it's hard to know what to do next.

We checked on the internet, but the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are nausea, headache, and feeling tired. Who doesn't feel like that at 6AM?

Were we dying? Should the domestic partner and I leave the apartment? We really had no idea.

So we called 311, figuring they might know more than us. 311 connected me to 911, who connected me to the FDNY. After you've just paid taxes, it's a real thrill to see government resources at work.

Five minutes later, two fire trucks showed up with at least ten hot firemen. Yum. Firemen. I went up to one of them who was taking his axe out of his pocket and told him about our potential death by the silent killer. Then I said, "My, that's a lot of tools you have." And then I turned bright red.

Ten fireman followed us up our five flights (which I guess is nothing to them) and did a reading of our CO level. I hate to be anticlimactic, but our reading was zero. No CO; no silent killer death.

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ames said...

it's almost 12 hours later and im still tired!