Friday, May 12

Madcat: Nearly a Quarter of a Century Old

So, I’m pretty excited for the big birthday.

In one of his typical comforting phone calls from the distance of six-years-older, my brother let me know that things were really just going to get much worse. 25! Pish-posh, said he. Wait until you’re 31. It’s gonna be fun when I turn 30 and he gives a wave from 36.

I hate to do the clichéd thing, but there was a momentary flip-out on Monday. You might call it a hint of an oncoming quarter life crisis. I was signing up for YouSendIt because I wanted to send my friend a CD over the ‘nets. It’s a free service. Except of course that nothing’s free, so you have to handover all your personal details except for your social security number.

Filling out the email was easy enough, name, occupation. These were all cake. Then I got to the drop-down menu for my age.

Friends. My bracket has changed. No longer am I in the most desired age demographic. So long being marketed to! So long having all the buying power and might of 18 – 24. So long having television geared towards all my loves. Oh good-bye 18 to 24; hello 25 to 30.

Come celebrate my birthday (I will be sloshed!) at Ace Bar. 10 PM. 5/13. See you there!!

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angelina said...

I am so sorry to have missed the drunken onslaught of your quarter-life crisis! I was busy nursing a mad hangover and general malaise of a pushing-30-crisis.