Sunday, June 4

I Accidentally Painted My Room the Color of Bile

I switched rooms this weekend with the domestic partner. Hello, Sunshine! Goodbye, airshaft love!

The new room is a bit petite (quote the boy, "it's the exact size of a jail cell! you're lucky the bathroom's not inside your room!), and this morning it was painted lavender.

Tonight it's painted the color of bile.

You know how sometimes you rent an apartment and one of the rooms is painted an atrocious color? And you think, God! this person before me was such an idiot! Who'd pick this color!?!

Well, stop your judging. I'm that idiot! In the store, on the paint chip, the color was a lovely foresty green that I would thought would look perfect next to the closet-like portion of the room that I'm keeping lavender. On the walls of the new room: BILE.

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