Friday, June 9

Leave Off the Last 'S' For...

I wouldn't want to call myself dumb, but I just realized two things that I bet you already knew:

1. When you type in a URL with a https in front of it, the last 's' stands for secure -- and mean that the site is encrypted and (at least theoretically) hackers cannot access your info. Do you know I work for an internet company? How did this knowledge escape me 25 internet-filled years?

2. For over a year (well, a year and two weeks), I've been thinking that since I live on the fifth floor, I have been climbing five flights of stairs every day. Not so! Perhaps my time in Ireland confused me, but here in America, the entry floor is considered floor number one. So living on the fifth floor involves climbing only four flights. I apologize for the complaining I have been doing for a year and two weeks re: walking up five flights of stairs.

And, for a rainy Friday, here's something pandorable for all of you!

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