Friday, June 16

Lost Albums

The guy I'm dating now lost Beck for awhile after a bad breakup. Couldn't listen to him at all, and didn't want to, either. He says Beck's back in his life now, but I don't know if I fully believe it.

Losing music because of relationships is terrible. I lost Astral Weeks, the Van Morrison Album, and I'm not sure I'll ever get it back.

J's dad played on the nearly every song on Astral Weeks, and the two of us listened to the album on long car trips. Driving between close Boston suburbs, our bad senses of direction would collide. We'd wind up on the New Hampshire border, swerving wildly towards exits to turn around. I did something shitty, and told my friend about it during one of car trips. For once, Astral Weeks wasn't playing -- the Beatles' cover of "Baby It's You" played on the radio. J. was mostly silent the rest of the car ride, but this was no comfortable silence; we haven't been good friends since.

Still, I'm fine listening to "Baby It's You"; it's Astral Weeks (any song, the entire album) that is nearly unlistenable even still.

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