Friday, July 28

From the Land of Borrowed Cable

Over at my apartment, the domestic partner and I borrow the cable. (We'll return it if the cable company ever asks for it back.)

Wednesday, just in time for Project Runway, the domestic partner discovered Bravo. Had we just never investigated as high up as channel 98? Was the weather somehow giving us reception?

Who knows? But today, on (borrowed) TBS, there's a big photo of the empire state building and a note saying, We are required to black out this program in compliance with FCC rules and regulations.

The cable gods give, and the cable gods take away.

Thursday, July 27

Cheapness v. Squeamishness

Sometimes you go to Smiley's in Park Slope and have a slice of pizza.

Other times, you go to Smiley's, sit quietly with your book & slice of pizza, and a homeless person sits down at your table.

The homeless man had a slice of pizza, and I'm glad he was eating. On a personal level, though, I wish he hasn't smelled.

The only way to survive living in NY is to convince yourself to believe in things that aren't true. Like that it's reasonable for one paycheck a month to do nothing but pay your rent. And that all metal objects--like subway poles--are self-sterilizing, and destroy homeless goo and germs.

Of course, that's not actually true. Watching the homeless man grab handfuls of napkin out of the metal dispenser, my elaborate suspension of disbelief in the laws of science had to end. All I could think about was the homelessness that he was leaving behind on the napkin dispenser.

I know: I'm such an asshole. I'm a terrible person, and you're never going to read about my tooth pains again.

But, dammit, I'd paid my two dollars, and come 5th graders making farting noises, and homeless men sitting at my table, I was going to finish my pizza. So I did, and then washed my hands ten times in a row.

Wednesday, July 26

Only the Pink is Saving Me Now

Lessons learned from this video:

  • My bike is still in my possession (or is, as of this writing) only because it's pink. That's it. I can't think of any other reason it hasn't been stolen.

  • I should actually feel really fortunate that it's only the seat and handlebar grippy thing that have been stolen.

Thanks for the link, Theo!

Tuesday, July 25

The Boy is FAMOUS!

Breaking news in the "my boyfriend does stuff and I blog about it" department: Gods of Fire will be the "the live band for a musical" about air guitaring.

Note: when I read the description of the band's style, I briefly confused thrash with thrush. Right. Those two things are NOT the same at all.

Tuesday, July 11

The Word of the Day

Did all of you already know the word cankle?

'Cause I didn't. I learned it last night from an Israeli guy, who seemed shocked by my ignorance.

Tuesday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!

I love the 4th. After all, it's a holiday that comes with fireworks & meat. Honestly, I don't think a person should request more than those two things in any given day.

I'm throwing a BBQ today (know me? not invited? oops! just a dumb mistake. give me a call & I'll give you directions!). You can thank me for all the rain. I was inordinately lucky until roughly June of 2004. Then my luck ran out. Now, when I throw an outside party, it rains.

Anyway, I'm pretty revved. Gung ho drunken love of America only surfaces once a year. The rest of the time, I think American flags make for tacky decorations of people and houses, and that patriotism is for fourth graders. For today, though, YAH! Beer! Meat! Music! Fireworks! World Cup (Go Germany!)!Happy Making a Declaration of Independence from the Brits Day!