Wednesday, August 2

Dubious Compliments

A coworker to me when I handed him a mix tape to put on the bookstore's sound system:

Your taste in music is so much cooler than you look.

Two guys, on my street corner, my 16th birthday:
Guy 1: She's got a nice little figure --no tits, though.
Guy 2: Yeah, no tits at all. But she's young.
Sad news: I am still awaiting my boobal growth spurt.

My college buddy, at a recent party:
Buddy: Madeleine! I hear you're dating someone. And I haven't even met him. But I've heard he's awesome. Just, really cool--everyone likes him.
Madeleine: He's good people.
Buddy: That's great, really, cause in the past...some of those guys have been less than awesome. Madeleine <<>>
Buddy: I mean, first there was that college nonsense. And, oh, god, then there was that guy who was just such! an asshole.

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