Monday, September 4

I Am So Cheerful! I am FULL of Cheer!

Thanks all, for your patience during my radio silence the past week or so. It felt a little bit to me like my inner monologue was missing. Hmm, maybe that's stretching things. A big thank you to everyone who got in touch with me after seeing this post (you do realize you just validated my public whining, right?). Seriously: Thank you.

Here's how Seth felt about radio silence & my general pissiness:

Seth: I like emoticons on IM. They're a good way to approximate tone of voice.
Mad.: I think they're terrible. Why don't people just write better, and convey their tone with their words, instead of an AOL sponsored emotive-face. God. That might be what's making America terrible. We can't even communicate anymore without a fucking winky smiley face! It makes me so cranky!
Seth: Umm, you do remember that you promised to be in a good mood September 1st, right? Cause it's REALLY public when you do things like that on the internets.

Happy Labor Day everyone! I'm back, and bring on your smiley face emoticons because I'm cheerful, cheerful, cheerful!

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