Thursday, September 21

Jury Duty: Day One

So when you're serving Jury Duty, most of the day is spent waiting. I pictured the DMV going in, but really, JD is not quite so bad at all. (I don't really want to imply that it was fun, but at least I did get to sit while waiting.)

I was part of the first "call" to be a perspective juror on an assault case. All jurors have to participate in voir dire. That's French for "listen talk" -- but since I haven't spoken French in awhile, and spoke it poorly when I did, take that translation with a shakerful of salt. Anyway, there are a lot of questions the judge asks of each perspective juror: were you a victim of a crime? Are you related to a cop? Where do you live? Where are you from? What's your job? Are you married?

It's kind of like dating, but not, because no one's ever asked me if I were related to a cop on a first date. One of the questions is: What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?

FUN FACT: the hobby of every single person in New York county is reading or pilates. Seriously. Every person. (Well, except for the one weird guy whose hobby was his kids. Creepy.) Some people shook things up by saying they had two hobbies: reading AND pilates. And sure enough, when they asked me, my little cracking voice said, "Um, I like to read. And um, bicycle?" And seriously, I think if I'd ever done pilates in my life I would have just substituted that in.


Willie. said...

Hey saw you linked to my blog (Crucial Mac Apps) and was just saying hello...entertaining blog by the way.

Sue Funke said...

The real hobby that no one wanted to say - drinking.

Jennie Smash said...

I have pirate underpants.