Sunday, October 1

Pain In My Ass

Saturday night, I fell down a flight of stairs. Yup. An entire flight. Important things to know: I was not drinking or drunk leading up to the fall. After the fall, I anesthetized with a lovely screwtop Reisling.

Bonus terribleness: I was carrying a glass of wine down the stairs with me, and spilled the entire glass on my shirt. It's always nice to smell like a wino on a Saturday night.

My ass, by the way, is now purple. There's some lovely green and black streaks as well. I'm going to have to come up with a new favorite hobby, because sitting just isn't working out for me today.


Jennie Smash said...

I fell down and hurt my knee. It's blue.

madcat said...

tough weekend for the fun girls!

DrunkenMouse said...

I had to walk from E Houston to the D on Grand St. because the effing F is effed up. Not a fall with bruises but I had to smell China Town at night. Does that count?

madcat said...

it's hard to heart the f train today. i had to take the bus (i don't take buses!) and then the L...and my ass hurt the whole time.