Wednesday, October 18

Project Runway Thoughts

some pre-judging thoughts...

the whole Jeffrey thing:
That was really mature of everyone. It's like these people never watched reality tv before, so they don't actually get how to really backstab and bitch talk. That's refreshing. Also Jeffrey's a weeper.

michael kors: why is he wearing sunglasses at an indoor runway show? is it to justify his ludicrously orange fake-and-bake tan?

jeffrey/runway show: is it creepy when a man clearly loves his son more than his wife? (Also, wow, did you see that one dress that totally made his model look seven months pregnant?)

vincent/audience: yep, he just always looks creepy. A wife, people, someone is married to the man!

uli/runway: I can't wear camel or neutral colors because they make me look beige. So usually I work that out this way: Since I can't wear camel colored clothes, I don't like them. (Selfish. I admit it; I'm a selfish lady.) I've got to say, though, that I really liked the neutral colored clothes from the beginning of her show better than the vibrant blue colors at the end.

laura/runway: so I'm totally not Laura's demographic. You will see me at NO cocktail parties at all. Her clothes are gorgeous, and I liked the music choice -- it's like jazz meets the circus or something. She's got the best intro yet.

michael knight/runway: his models seem like they're on drugs. maybe it's all the white clothes that are confusing me. One of his models is wearing a pink sateen romper dress! it's like hussy meets three year old.

question: why do all the designers love backless dresses w/ boob cutout areas so much?

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Everybody loves boobs!