Monday, November 20

Dear New Yorker,

Whhhhhhhy? Is it because I'm not influencial enough for you? It's not like I really thought I was going to get a free copy of An Inconvenient Truth.

Except that I did, you know, and I could tell I really wanted it as I flipped through the pages outside of my mailbox. Nothing but subscription squares, same as always.

Since I've seen the movie I've drastically reduced use of the A/C and used NO HEAT AT ALL. None. I mean, when I was in college I used to crank it to 87 and run around in my bathing suit. I've reformed; I've changed & grown.

I understand your decision, but you've made my Monday sad. Those influencial folk in influencial industries like "business, government, and the media" better take some action now that they've got the free DVD.


PS: At least I got my favorite of the four Chris Ware covers.

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Anonymous said...

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