Monday, November 6

Remember the World Series?

yeah, this is a true story of one night in madcat's life during the world series. posting delay due to blogger difficulties. my one true reader complained, so up it goes!

I'm full of hate for domino's today. (Never fear: the crust of my hate is filled with cheese and comes with a side order of dipping sauce.)

Last night I made a decision to be spectacularly lazy. (Wait, how is last night different from every night?) There was gonna be a game on. And I was gonna get in touch with my inner frat boy watching the game with beer and wings.

Things went off track quickly. For one thing, the game was rained out. Then the wings didn't come...for over an hour. The delivery guy apologized, but you can't eat "I'm sorry" dipped in bleu cheese.

So the Domino's (and people, I'd craved bad wings! I knew what I was getting into) was a disappointment.

Then this afternoon, sitting, watching TV, being monstrously lazy, I saw the Domino's commercial for Brooklyn Style Pizza. It's an absurd ad, like they called up the dept of Brooklyn cliches. I'm from Brooklyn and I never rarely scream out the window. To call in my own cliche dept, you have to see it to believe it. Better: taste the pizza. It's an offense to Brooklyn.

Domino's: we're so on a break.


Caryn said...

"but you can't eat "I'm sorry" dipped in bleu cheese."


DrunkenMouse said...

People have not "yelled out the window" since the 80's when thanks to Reagan most we too poor for door buzzers and in some cases a phone line.

Seth said...

And I paid for two Blue Cheeses and have the internet receipt to prove it!

How many did we get? That's right. Cold pizza, soggy wings, and one lonely Blue Cheese package that I secretly think was just expired Ranch Dressing in a new package.