Wednesday, December 13

Maybe the Best

The first time Rob tried to explain the routine, it was all pretty rambling and scattered, and no one understood. Confusion only got worst when he called his buddy JayBoom in Albany to help demonstrate.

[Note: JayBoom is not this guy's real name; my memory's just not that good. But I can tell you for sure that the guy had a nickname. Much like our president, Rob engages in the obnoxious hobby of nicknaming. If I sound bitter, it's only because to a select group of people, I'm forever known as Madcrazy.]

Rob: Hey, Jay-Boom, remember that thing we did last summer? You know, with the good? And great?
JayBoom: Uh, no dude. Cigarette inhale, cigarette exhale. Uh?
Rob: You know, like this: Star Wars was a good movie.
JayBoom: Yeah, yeah, good movie. I liked it.
Rob: Nah, man, I gotta go. That's not it at all.

The thing about Rob's routine is that it wasn't really that clever, and yet it was so damn satisfying. You'd be sitting around, and the end credits of Arrested Development would come on. Someone would comment, "good episode." And then from another person, slumped half on the floor, and half on a couch rescued from the street, would come an enthusiastic, "great episode!"

At that point, you're two thirds there, and it was just a matter of turning to Rob, or the biggest fan of the show in the room. The person would pause, thoughtfully, and then say, "Maybe the best."

And, that, friends, is how you play Good, Great, Maybe the Best. You can actually play this game with anything. I'll start: Good Blogpost.