Tuesday, May 1

Art Brut: Top of the Pops

You should be reading Eddie Argos' blog over at the Guardian. Here's an excerpt that'll prove why. And this isn't even the funniest bit.
It's funny that I'm writing a blog. I have a huge fear and mistrust of the internet since the first time I used it in my local library. When it failed to work halfway through the work I was doing, I rushed over to the librarian in a panic, convinced I'd broken the internet, with visions running through my mind of world economies collapsing and my face on the front of the Daily Mail, headlines screaming "THIS IDIOT BROKE THE INTERNET, HANG HIM". Eventually, when I found the librarian, she calmed me down and explained to me that I hadn't broken the internet, just the computer I was working on and that perhaps the next time I used the computers I should ask her for help. Reading this back to myself now, even though it happened to me and I know it's a true story, it does sound a lot like the plot of the new Die Hard film.

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